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    Playful, Active, Attention-seeking, Friendly, Sociable, Curious,
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    Single Pet Household
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Joshua is a pure breed India, son to my pet dog Doi. Josh is the most active and fit, loves everyone, is very very curious.

Medical Conditions

Joshua does not have any medical condition


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Attention everyone: Born on 8th April 2021 to my pet Doi are these two girls and two boys. Biggie (Female) Diti (Female) Zorro (Male) Josh (Male) Playful, eats without spilling or spoil, de-wormed and vaccination completed (only boosters remaining)! Age: 3.5 months, pure Indian Pariah dogs. Location: Kolkata, India Adoption signing papers mandatory and neutering or spraying recommended in the next 2 months. Seriously looking for people who are genuinely interested and would love to take them home and make them family. Worldwide adoption open for them. We will also recommend vets for them and guide the families as well. Please call on these numbers to enquire regarding adoption process: 9331042084/9903197199/9874255795

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